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Linda Morgan

Helicopter or Hands off?

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Aiming for the right level of parental involvement in the college process

The tension began to build last fall for Constanza Romero and her daughter, Azula Wilson, a senior at The Northwest School in Seattle. Azula was applying early decision to her first-choice college, the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, part of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. The formidable seven-part application, with its many essay requirements and music portfolio, had to be in by Nov. 1.
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Mothers & Daughters

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It’s an intriguing relationship, that of mother and daughter. It brings to mind a time — say around the mid-20th century — when sitcom moms and daughters trotted about in perky twin dresses and shared confidences while merrily creaming butter into the oatmeal-raisin batter. Read More

Is Nextdoor.com Becoming a Home for Racial Profiling?

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Nextdoor,  the social media network that connects neighbors with each other, didn’t set out to be the go-to site for crime and safety news. In fact, when it launched in 2011—the same year it started in Seattle—its founders envisioned the company as a sort of virtual forum: a place where neighbors could share information about local events, garage sales or lost pets. “People told us, ‘I just need a way to find a great babysitter,’” says Nextdoor spokesperson Kelsey Grady.
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In the brave new world of health care, patients need to step up

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This spring, a 45-year-old poet living in Madrona experienced what she described as a fluttering heart. During a checkup, her general practitioner prescribed a 48-hour EKG device. She dutifully wore the portable monitor, and a week later, learned that her heart was perfectly healthy. That was good news—until the bills came, four of them adding up to $39,000, of which only $6,000 was covered by insurance. 
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Don’t Care About Our Nut Allergies? Thanks for Nothing

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I had given my granddaughter the chocolate chip cookie that triggered her first allergic reaction. She was 4 and had just enjoyed a family dinner at my house.

Soon after she came back to her house with her sister and parents, she began coughing, then vomiting. Her parents – my daughter and son-in-law — figured she had the flu. But as a journalist who’s written about kids’ health, and as (I admit it) an over-anxious grandmother, I wondered. Can a food allergy show up this way? Were there nuts in that innocent-looking cookie? Read More