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Linda Morgan

In health and tech-savvy Seattle, there’s nothing routine about a doctor’s visit

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Among the most critical agents of change spawned by the Affordable Care Act are the millions of newly insured people catapulted into the system, creating new demands and pressures for already jam-packed emergency rooms and medical practices. In Washington state, since October 2013, more than 164,000 residents have signed up for private health insurance through the state’s health care exchange, with the bulk of people enrolling in the final three months leading up to the March deadline, state officials announced in April. Hundreds of thousands more signed up for Medicaid.
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Homework: Set Your Kids up for Success

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“Let’s start the school year right,” you tell your child each fall. “It’s time to buckle down and establish good study habits. For starters, lose the Xbox and the remote control. And while you’re at it, color-coordinate your notebooks, keep an assignment checklist and label your folders.” Read More