Boost your child’s success
in school and in life!

Boost your child’s success – in school and in life!

Can parents really make a difference in their child’s learning? This book answers with a resounding “yes!” Beyond Smart gives parents practical, realistic tools for maximizing all aspects of their child’s educational experience, from academics to social and emotional learning, from the cradle to college.

With dozens of clear and useful tips on topics ranging from social and emotional readiness, to coping with poor grades, to nurturing your child’s natural gifts, Beyond Smart offers powerful insights and simple tools for:

  • boosting your baby’s brainpower;

  • finding the right preschool;

  • helping your teen with math;

  • teaching emotional intelligence;

  • understanding your child’s temperament;

  • solving school setbacks;

  • helping kids take risks, and more!

With contributions by world-renowned experts, including Dr. Wendy Mogel, Dr. Laura Kastner, Dr. Patricia Kuhl, Dr. Harvey Karp, and chef Alice Waters, Beyond Smart provides a blueprint for parents who want to go beyond academics to support their child’s journey to success in school and ultimately, in life.

"Insightful, lively, and ultimately practical…Beyond Smart offers useful tools for parents who want to help their child achieve their full potential – from cradle to college, in the classroom and beyond."

Dr. Carol Dweck - Author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

"... engaging, brimming with insight, and immensely useful...
I highly recommend it."

Michael Gurian - Author of The Purpose of Boys and The Wonder of Girls

"…a must-read for parents who want to make the most of their child’s educational journey."

Dr. Michele Borba, Ed.D.