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Molding Morality

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How can we teach our kids to be mensches in a messed-up world?

If you’re keeping up with the news, you’re asking yourself this question: “Where has all the integrity gone?” Reports about Deflategate, Bridgegate, and Secret Service shenanigans blend with tales of celebrity misbehavior and Wall Street misfires.

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Helicopter or Hands off?

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Aiming for the right level of parental involvement in the college process

The tension began to build last fall for Constanza Romero and her daughter, Azula Wilson, a senior at The Northwest School in Seattle. Azula was applying early decision to her first-choice college, the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, part of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. The formidable seven-part application, with its many essay requirements and music portfolio, had to be in by Nov. 1.
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Mothers & Daughters

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It’s an intriguing relationship, that of mother and daughter. It brings to mind a time — say around the mid-20th century — when sitcom moms and daughters trotted about in perky twin dresses and shared confidences while merrily creaming butter into the oatmeal-raisin batter. Read More

Is Nextdoor.com Becoming a Home for Racial Profiling?

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Nextdoor,  the social media network that connects neighbors with each other, didn’t set out to be the go-to site for crime and safety news. In fact, when it launched in 2011—the same year it started in Seattle—its founders envisioned the company as a sort of virtual forum: a place where neighbors could share information about local events, garage sales or lost pets. “People told us, ‘I just need a way to find a great babysitter,’” says Nextdoor spokesperson Kelsey Grady.
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In the brave new world of health care, patients need to step up

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This spring, a 45-year-old poet living in Madrona experienced what she described as a fluttering heart. During a checkup, her general practitioner prescribed a 48-hour EKG device. She dutifully wore the portable monitor, and a week later, learned that her heart was perfectly healthy. That was good news—until the bills came, four of them adding up to $39,000, of which only $6,000 was covered by insurance. 
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Don’t Care About Our Nut Allergies? Thanks for Nothing

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I had given my granddaughter the chocolate chip cookie that triggered her first allergic reaction. She was 4 and had just enjoyed a family dinner at my house.

Soon after she came back to her house with her sister and parents, she began coughing, then vomiting. Her parents – my daughter and son-in-law — figured she had the flu. But as a journalist who’s written about kids’ health, and as (I admit it) an over-anxious grandmother, I wondered. Can a food allergy show up this way? Were there nuts in that innocent-looking cookie? Read More

In health and tech-savvy Seattle, there’s nothing routine about a doctor’s visit

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Among the most critical agents of change spawned by the Affordable Care Act are the millions of newly insured people catapulted into the system, creating new demands and pressures for already jam-packed emergency rooms and medical practices. In Washington state, since October 2013, more than 164,000 residents have signed up for private health insurance through the state’s health care exchange, with the bulk of people enrolling in the final three months leading up to the March deadline, state officials announced in April. Hundreds of thousands more signed up for Medicaid.
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