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Homework: Set Your Kids up for Success

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“Let’s start the school year right,” you tell your child each fall. “It’s time to buckle down and establish good study habits. For starters, lose the Xbox and the remote control. And while you’re at it, color-coordinate your notebooks, keep an assignment checklist and label your folders.” Read More

Baking Passover Munchies and Memories

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Here’s what I like best about the Jewish holiday of Passover:

It’s filled to the brim with traditions (every family has its own); legend and lore (did the Red Sea really part?); and family togetherness. Passover, celebrated for eight days (it began at sundown last Friday evening), is a story about freedom from oppression and tyranny; its lessons resonate across the globe and throughout the generations. Read More

Multigenerational Family Travel: Vacations for the Entire Family

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Are we there yet?” takes on a whole new meaning when “family trip” means traveling with your kids and your parents.

Sure, you figure that catering to the kids’ requests and, let’s face it, their demands, would be enough of a challenge. But how do you deal with your dad’s habits (vanilla extra-foam latte, extra hot, by 9 a.m.) and your mom’s wishes (French Bordeaux at sunset) while keeping everyone enthused, energized and enjoying the vacation? Read More

Your Kid’s Health: School Lunches and Nutrition

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When I packed my kids’ school lunches, I relied on the tried and true: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches; celery, overstuffed with cream cheese; a juice-box (fruit flavored!); and an Oreo cookie, maybe two.

These days, that menu seems positively antiquated (so does the New Kids on the Block lunchbox, but that’s a different story). Read More

Failure’s Not an Option for Risk-Averse Kids

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Is your child risk averse? When I talk with parents, many tell me their kids fear taking chances or trying new things. These are the kids who will say “I don’t know” in class rather than risk a wrong answer. They’d rather not pick up the bat – for fear they’d strike out. Failure, for these kids, is NOT an option. Read More

Slow the slide! Keeping kids summer smart

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We get it. You’ve been supervising study sessions, reminding your 10-year-old to finish his history report and helping your 8-year-old create dazzling science projects.

Now summer is coming and hey, you need a break. Isn’t it time for swimming, baseball, biking, picnics and backyard barbecues? For you and the kids? Can’t we all just have some fun? Read More

Who’s sorry now? Pretty much everyone!

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We all say these words. We ask — no, make that insist — our children say them, and we expect to hear them regularly from friends, relatives, even perfect strangers.

The words “I’m sorry” reverberate through homes, playgrounds, family functions and just about everywhere, just about incessantly. In fact, between kids apologizing to parents and parents apologizing to kids, it sometimes seems as if we live in a sad sea of sorry. Read More