Helping your child survive the social scene

Is your child being bullied at school? Or — could your child be the bully? A look at the school social scene and creative ways to help your child navigate it.

Raising ethical and moral kids

According to one survey, 51 percent of people age 17 or under agree that to get ahead, a person must lie or cheat. Another survey reports that 57 ­percent of ­high-schoolers agreed that “in the real world, successful people do what they have to do to win, even if others consider it cheating.”

How to model and teach honest and ethical behavior — and why it matters.

Fostering resiliency in your children

How is your child going to deal with getting passed over for the top job if he can’t handle sitting out the basketball game? Or not getting the part in the play?

Why resiliency is important and what you can do to nurture this quality in your kids.

Why overindulging our children can backfire

We don’t set out to spoil our kids. But hey, don’t we just want them to be happy? The truth is, all that catering, pampering and pleasing is often more about the parent than the child. When’s the last time you saw a 2-year-old ask for an  $800 stroller or a Burberry raincoat?

Why overindulgence can be overkill…and how we can break that pattern.

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